My work is about an exploration into storytelling. Any kind of storytelling that interests me, for children and for adults, is what I hope to pursue as close to perfection as possible. My work is an attempt at inciting the viewer to see the character within the pieces move and come to life, breathing and thinking before their mind’s eye. I want the viewer to be taken on a journey, even if it is a short one.

Among the many elements that go into my work, emotion is one of the most prominent. That certain quality in a face, especially the eyes, can easily tell a very good portion of a story. The reactions to a character or event can be just as impactful as, sometimes even more impactful than, the action itself. It is a significant foundation from where my work spring loads off from.

I take the process of making these works quite seriously. From the embryo of an idea in my head to the initial sketches to its final manifestation on bristol or watercolor paper. In fact I see the process as just as valid as the finished piece. The process itself is my equivalent journey to the work to the one the viewer takes of the completed work.



I'm currently a Senior at Framingham State University in Framingham, Massachusetts. I am a Studio Art Major with a concentration in Illustration. I hope to be able to take these acquired skills in art and combine them with writing to become a published Author/Illustrator.